School: Cathedral & John Connon School
Mentor: Haily Tran (Oxford PhD in International Development) 

Research Paper: Rethinking Urban Disaster Management: A Case Study of Mumbai's Inclusion of Informal Workers

"I learned so much not only about sustainability, environmental justice, cities and the informal economy, but also about the research process and academic writing….The Lumiere program has served as such a great springboard into the world of research for me."


School: Modern High School for Girls
Mentor: Danielle Blum (Brown PhD in Chemistry) 

Research Paper: Conflicts in the Use of Isotopic Signatures (U, Cm, Nd) to Establish the Age of the Solar System: A Review

“An opportunity to resolve even one enigma in the origin of the solar system was something I could not let go of… The Lumiere Program has actually given me a chance to understand what scientific research is all about.”


School: Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted
Mentor: Orelia Jonathan (Harvard PhD in Education) 

Research Paper: How Hong Kong protesters use visual arts as a form of self-expression

“Besides being an academically rigorous program, the learning environment in Lumiere is also so friendly... Everyone is so supportive, responsive, and always available from the director (Stephen) to the program manager."


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