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Centro Mundolengua - 9 Reasons Why It's a Fantastic Experience

For any ambitious high schooler such as yourself, strategically applying for relevant pre-college programs is an important move to enhance your profile and therefore your college applications. One option to consider is a program that immerses you in a new culture and language, that can broaden your academic horizons and cultivate a global perspective. The cultural and academic exposure that you can gain from such a program provides you with mental maturity and diversity of thought, things that are highly valued by admissions officers and recruiters. Today’s blog post dives into a suite of such programs, offered by Centro Mundolengua, which are designed to help you portray yourself as a standout candidate to universities.

What is Centro Mundolengua?

Centro Mundolengua is an Instituto Cervantes certified Spanish school based in Sevilla, Spain with a host of Spanish courses for students of all ages, nationalities, and levels. Their pre-college programs offer immersive educational experiences aimed at high school students eager to expand their linguistic abilities, cultural understanding, and global awareness. These programs offer a unique blend of academic rigor and cultural immersion by combining thorough in-classroom learning with exposure to the language and local culture in day-to-day situations during excursions and outings.

Centro Mundolengua is the only school in Spain with its AP Spanish courses certified by the College Board, making it a prestigious institution in fostering understanding and appreciation of Spanish language and culture. They host their language programs throughout the year, which we will go over in greater detail in the next section.

What are Centro Mundolengua’s pre-college programs all about?

While Centro Mundolengua offers programs for students of all ages and proficiency levels, the following six are the ones specifically meant for middle school and high school students:

Overview: This program is tailored for students preparing for the AP Spanish Language exam, or those who have already taken it but want to strengthen their functional skill. It offers an intensive curriculum that focuses on enhancing Spanish language skills across speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while also providing a deep dive into the cultural aspects that shape the Spanish-speaking world.

What to expect: You will be staying with a selected Spanish host family and partaking of the food, social outings, and cultural activities available to any Spaniard. You can expect a blend of classroom instruction, cultural immersion activities, and targeted AP exam preparation strategies. The average day will involve at least 3 hours of classes, meals with your host family speaking the language in a home setting, as well as afternoon and night time social activities to further increase your exposure. The course aims to build fluency and accuracy in Spanish, with a strong emphasis on real-life language use and cultural competency.

Dates: There are two batches available, June 16th - 29th and June 30th - July 13th. Each has an option of adding an additional week for a beach trip.

Fees: The two-week program costs $3,000 while adding the third week brings the cost to $4,100.

Overview: Similar to the previous program, this course is meant for students gearing up for the AP Spanish Literature exam. It delves into the rich tapestry of Spanish literature, exploring a wide range of texts from different time periods and regions while living in the city that’s the setting of Don Juan and Carmen.

What to expect: You will engage in detailed analysis of literary works, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and learn strategies for interpreting and discussing literature in Spanish. You will learn techniques, vocabulary, and concepts for succeeding on the AP® Spanish Literature exam with three hours of classes per day. You’ll be living with a Spanish family, helping you not only boost your language skills but also understand the deeper social context of Spanish literature for the average Spaniard. The course is designed to foster a deep appreciation of Spanish literary heritage and prepare you for success on the AP exam.

Dates: There are two batches available, June 16th - 29th and June 30th - July 13th. Each has an option of adding an additional week for a beach trip.

Fees: The two-week program costs $3,000 while adding the third week brings the cost to $4,100.

Overview: This program is designed for students of all proficiency levels who wish to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture. The curriculum is tailored to meet your needs via enrolling you in a batch of students at a similar level, focusing on improving language skills through practical application and cultural immersion.

What to expect: You will take part in language classes, cultural excursions, and homestay experiences, allowing you to practice Spanish in a variety of contexts and gain a firsthand understanding of Spanish culture and daily life.

Dates: There are two batches available, June 16th - 29th and June 30th - July 13th. Each has an option of adding an additional week for a beach trip.

Fees: The two-week program costs $3,000 while adding the third week brings the cost to $4,100.

Overview: Specifically designed for International Baccalaureate (IB) students, this course will help you build your foundational knowledge of Spanish language and literature in alignment with the IB curriculum and assessment criteria.

What to expect: You will receive 3 hours of instruction per day tailored to the IB Spanish exams, including both language acquisition and literature. The course will help you enhance your linguistic abilities and critical literary analysis skills, with a focus on global contexts and cultural insights.

Dates: June 30th - July 13th, with an option of adding an additional week for a beach trip.

Fees: The two-week program costs $3,000 while adding the third week brings the cost to $4,100.

Overview: This four-month-long program offers a comprehensive immersion experience if you’re interested in taking a gap year while gaining rich cultural exposure and sharpening your Spanish. It combines advanced language instruction with cultural experiences, university preparation, and personal development opportunities.

What to expect: Through the four months, you will engage in intensive Spanish language courses, participate in university-level seminars, and immerse yourself in the local culture through extended homestays and community involvement. Centro Mundolengua partners with multiple organizations to deepen your understanding of how Spain’s social sector works. The program is designed to prepare you for higher education and future careers by developing fluency, cultural competency, and independence.

Dates: There are two batches available, January 17th - May 18th and September 4th - December 21st.

Fees: $11,400.

6. Volunteer Abroad Program for high school students

Overview: Combining volunteer work with language learning, this program offers you the opportunity to contribute to local communities in Spain while improving their Spanish skills.

What to expect: You will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful community service projects, attend language classes, and live with host families. This program is a valuable opportunity to develop language proficiency, cultural understanding, and global citizenship through hands-on experience and meaningful community engagement.

Dates: June 16th - 30th.

Fees: $3,000.

How does the application process work?

Each of the programs has a link to an application on the program page itself. You will need to:

  • Complete the online application form with your personal and academic information.

  • Provide your latest academic transcripts as part of the application process. Each course also requires a different level of Spanish proficiency (e.g. Advanced for AP Spanish Literature and Intermediate for the Volunteer program).

  • Complete an online Spanish language proficiency test to ensure you are placed in the appropriate level with peers of a similar proficiency level.

  • Pay the fees 8 weeks prior to the program start date.

Is it prestigious?

While Centro Mundolengua's programs are expensive, being the residential, international courses that they are, that makes them no less valuable. For one, the small batch size of typically 12-15 students per course means that you will be getting a lot of personal attention to foster deeper learning. Centro Mundolengua itself boasts of accreditations and certifications that make its name distinctive. The courses themselves will provide you with excellent exposure to Spanish culture and language, along with networking opportunities with peers from more than 20 countries around the globe. All in all, the richness of the experience at Centro Mundolengua can be a valuable addition to your profile if you’re serious about making a mark in the Hispanic world.

9 reasons why it’s a fantastic experience

  1. Academic enrichment: The courses are tailored to specific goals like assisting you with AP Spanish or IB Spanish. The curriculum reflects the latest in language pedagogy and cultural studies, and helps you target excellence in that specific exam.

  2. Cultural immersion: You will get to experience life in Spain firsthand, from living with a host family to participating in local traditions and excursions.

  3. Global networking: Every year, over 1500 students from more than 20 countries graduate from Centro Mundolengua’s programs. You will get the opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded students from around the world, creating a network of global contacts that can last you a lifetime.

  4. Personal growth: Living and studying (with supervision and guidance) in a radically different country will help you develop independence, adaptability, and a global perspective that will serve you well in college and beyond.

  5. Practical language proficiency: Since you will be speaking Spanish in a daily, contextual fashion, you will achieve fluency faster than you would have through mere lectures and notes. There will be a lot of immersive learning experiences beyond the classroom that will help you truly adopt the language.

  6. Small batch size: Each of Centro Mundolengua’s courses have a batch size of around 12-15 students, allowing you to both receive a more personalized learning experience and actually connect with the professors and your peers.

  7. Expert faculty: Centro Mundolengua’s faculty are all native Spanish speakers and experienced educators, passionate about teaching and deeply knowledgeable about Spanish culture.

  8. Comprehensive support: From the application process to your time abroad, you will receive guidance and support every step of the way. There will even be guided tours along with 24/7 available supervision so that you’re never at a loss for what to do.

  9. Plenty of cultural activities: All of the courses are designed to help you engage deeply with Spanish culture through curated activities and excursions that enrich your learning experience. You’re not restricted to the listed activities either - the courses leave you with plenty of free time to explore the city and surroundings on your own!

Choosing Centro Mundolengua for a pre-college program is about embracing an experience that enriches your academic journey and personal growth. With its blend of rigorous academics, cultural immersion, and global networking opportunities, Centro Mundolengua offers an unparalleled experience that prepares you for the challenges of college and beyond.

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