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College Lists Wiki - 6 Reasons Why You Should Use It

To find information about applying to colleges, Independent Education Consultants may find College Lists Wiki especially helpful. 

The College Lists Wiki is specifically designed as an aid to US college counselors searching for information about different colleges and programs. 

Just like regular Wikipedia, you’ll be able to use this free, publicly available site to help your students navigate the college search process. While starting out an IEC business or looking to grow a current one, knowing comprehensive, updated information about a variety of colleges will be essential for building out a base of understanding. 

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider using the College Lists Wiki. 


The College Lists Wiki includes pages on every topic relevant to the college search. The most efficient way of searching for information within the wiki is the "Search this workspace" box in the upper right corner of every page. The links below also offer shortcuts to some of our the wiki’s most commonly searched-for pages:



There is no fee to using the College Lists Wiki!

6 reasons to use the College Lists Wiki

1. The site provides comprehensive information

College Lists Wikis compiles comprehensive information about various colleges and universities, including admission requirements, campus facilities, academic programs, student life, and more, all to help college counselors aid their students in crafting their applications. This is your one stop shop to learn everything about a specific college or a wide variety of information about many colleges. This is a great tool to help your students narrow down their list of colleges to apply to or simply to find out more about a college. 

2. There is always updated information

The site is a wiki, which means that any college counseling professional with editorial access can edit its pages. This means that the wiki is frequently updated with new information, allowing IECs to receive the most recent news and up-to-date information about higher education. This could include new standardized test rules, new university rankings, etc. 

3. The site allows for customizable lists 

The College Lists Wikis allows users to edit its pages, meaning users are able to create customized lists of colleges based on their preferences, priorities, and interests. This means you can find something for everything and everyone. For example, some of the popular pages on the wiki include “finding colleges by major,” “summer programs for middle schoolers,” or “gap year programs.” You can find topics ranging from getting a real estate degree, to fashion related news. These will all be pages and lists that other people have found helpful. Compared to other sites that offer a set list of topics, the College Lists Wiki guarantees a wide variety of organized and applicable information given by its users. 

4. The wiki is super accessible! 

The College List Wiki is easily accessible online and allows anyone to browse and search for information. It is also a free and publicly available source that offers free and publicly available resources. This is in stark contrast to other college help sites, which often ask you to pay a premium to gain access to more exclusive information.

5. You can find community support

The College List Wiki has an active community of users who are willing to answer questions, offer advice, and share their expertise. These are all other counselors who are willing to share tips and tricks that they’ve found useful. This can be a valuable support system as you go through the college search and application process with your students. 

6. You’ll find real experiences within its pages

Because the College List Wiki is mostly edited by other college counselors, these college counselors are often sharing what was most helpful to them. They might be sharing the experiences of their students, providing valuable firsthand insight into campus life; they might share 5 architecture programs that they personally know to be amazing. As real experiences are the best basis for advice and perspective, the College List Wiki can act as a great resource for you. 

Wrapping up

Using the College Lists Wiki is a helpful, easy way to help your students navigate the college search process, especially if you’re early in your process of starting an IEC business. The site offers condensed, understandable, basic information that you should be aware of as a college consultant. Consider using it for its accessibility, customizable lists, and community support!

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Amelia is a current senior at Harvard College studying art history with a minor in economics. She’s enthusiastic about music, movies, and writing, and is excited to help Veritas AIs students as much as she can!



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