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In addition to creating excellent independent research projects, many of our scholars choose to share their findings with the world and further their research experience. Some of the ways they have done that is by presenting it at a conference, submitting it for a competition, or publishing their work in an academic journal.

Our in-house publication team assists our students in identifying the best opportunities for the type of research they are doing, and then supporting them in the submission process to the chosen target. Our students submit to rigorous publications around the world, and we're proud to share some of our most recent publication-related student successes below!

Brown Journal of World Affairs

Stanford Intersect

Redwood Scholastic

Tech in Asia

International Social Science Conference For Youth

The Journal of European Psychology Students

LSE Undergraduate Political Review's Annual Essay Competition

The World Financial Review

MIT THINK Competition

Undergraduate Journal of Experimental Microbiology and Immunology

Regeneron ISEF Regional

Yale Review of International Studies

Yale China Hands

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