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Lynbrook High School,


Research Paper: Exploring the role of Humanin as a potential preventative and therapeutic in Alzheimer's disease.

Mentor: Gabriel Sturm (UC Berkeley-UCSF PhD Student in Bioengineering)

"Lumiere paired me up with the perfect mentor, who helped me turn my ambitions of doing research in biology into a reality. The program schedule was extremely flexible, and helped me create two separate projects in our time together. Lumiere and my mentor helped me create concrete projects around my passions and have empowered me to keep pushing the boundaries of science."

Ojas was the winner of the MIT THINK competition, where he submitted his Lumiere research project.

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International School of Monaco,
Port Hercules

Research Paper: Cancer mRNA Vaccines as a Promising Approach for Treating Luminal A Breast Cancer.

Mentor: Daniel Wilson (Carnegie Mellon University PhD Student in Biological Sciences) 

"With the support of the Lumiere team and my mentor, Dr. Daniel Wilson, I wrote a paper that proposes new possibilities for breast cancer treatments. My project has now led me to get more hands-on experience in the field of cancer research, and I’m excited to be interning this summer in a lab at the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School."

Alexandra's Lumiere research paper will be published in the International Journal of High School Research this year.


Ester Awad - Photo.jpg

Estar Awad Dawod
Ensaf Sri Secondary School for Girls,

Research Paper: Mutations in the MAPK Pathway: Implications for Cancer Development and Targeted Therapies

Mentor: Abdelhamid Yousef (University of Cambridge PhD student in Biotechnology)

"Throughout the Lumiere individual research program, my mentor provided invaluable guidance and support, helping me to gain a deeper understanding of cancer hallmarks, PCR, molecular cloning, and various research techniques. As a result, I was able to develop my self-learning capabilities, improve my reading skills, and enhance my academic writing abilities. One major obstacle I encountered during this program was my limited knowledge of cell signaling pathways and cancer-related topics, which were crucial to my research project. However, with the help of my mentor, I was able to overcome this challenge and successfully complete my paper. Reflecting on this experience, I consider it a significant achievement that I was able to showcase in my Minerva University application with a 2% acceptance rate."

Ester wrote about this achievement in her Minerva University application and got accepted as part of the class of 2027.

Jaiden Martinez headshot.jpg

Laguna Hills High School,

Research Paper: Effect of employment rate of 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the United States on the GDP between 2015 - 2020

Mentor: Dhruva Bhat (Oxford PhD Student in International Development)


"The Lumiere Research Program was an enlightening educational experience. First I studied broadly about economic concepts and statistics, then focused in on specific areas of my interest involving nonprofit organizations, employment, and GDP. My mentor was instrumental in shaping my ability to critically read research papers, analyze data, and take my academic writing to the next level."

Jaiden was selected to attend the  MIT 2021 Summer Research Program. 

Phillips Academy Andover School,

Research Paper: Which machine learning methods accurately forecast cryptocurrency price returns?

Mentor: Tianshu Lyu (Yale PhD Student in Financial Economics)  

"My mentor and I worked to compile a dataset of potential cryptocurrency price driving factors and trained several machine learning models on this dataset to predict the sign of next-day returns for three different cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, we were able to put all this information together to generate a profitable trading strategy. Lumiere has prepared me exceptionally well for new projects that I am currently working on, including a related cryptocurrency project that has to do with writing smart contracts for decentralized finance, and some new research that uses a lot of machine learning."

Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai

Research Paper: Rethinking Urban Disaster Management: A Case Study of Mumbai's Inclusion of Informal Workers

Mentor: Haily Tran (Oxford PhD Student in International Development) 

"I learned so much not only about sustainability, environmental justice, cities and the informal economy, but also about the research process and academic writing … The Lumiere program has served as such a great springboard into the world of research for me."

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Stonehill International School,

Research Paper: The effects of  handedness in tennis matches

Mentor: Patrick Chao (Wharton PhD Student in Statistics)

"The Lumiere Research Scholar Program allowed me to connect two passions of mine – tennis and coding – to work on an amazing project! ... Not only did I get to learn so much about the research process from the team and my mentor Patrick, but also about the numerous machine learning skills."

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Fayoum STEM School, Fayoum,

Research Paper: Advancements in Autonomous Firefighting Robots

Mentor: Jenna Kim (University of Illinois PhD Student in Information Sciences)

“Over about 12 weeks, I embarked upon a journey through the Lumiere program to author a scientific research paper on advances in autonomous firefighting robots. In 1-1 meetings with the mentor, I gained keen insights into the methodology, structure, and technical details required to analyze this multidisciplinary topic from concept to completion. It was a rewarding experience that expanded my knowledge base and honed my ability to communicate findings in an organized academic manner. I am grateful for this opportunity to develop as an independent scholar.


Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted, 
Vinh City

Research Paper: How Hong Kong protesters use visual arts as a form of self-expression

Mentor: Orelia Jonathan (Harvard PhD Student in Education) 

“Besides being an academically rigorous program, the learning environment in Lumiere is also so friendly... Everyone is so supportive, responsive, and always available from the director (Stephen) to the program manager."

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