Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai

Research Paper: Rethinking Urban Disaster Management: A Case Study of Mumbai's Inclusion of Informal Workers

Mentor: Haily Tran (Oxford PhD in International Development) 

"I learned so much not only about sustainability, environmental justice, cities and the informal economy, but also about the research process and academic writing … The Lumiere program has served as such a great springboard into the world of research for me."


Phan Boi Chau High School for the Gifted, Vinh City

Research Paper: How Hong Kong protesters use visual arts as a form of self-expression

Mentor: Orelia Jonathan (Harvard PhD in Education) 

“Besides being an academically rigorous program, the learning environment in Lumiere is also so friendly... Everyone is so supportive, responsive, and always available from the director (Stephen) to the program manager."

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National University of Singapore

Research Paper: Innovation Management and Business Strategy in the Healthcare Tech Industry

Mentor: Stephen Turban (Harvard Business School PhD in Organizational Behavior)


"The weekly discussion with Stephen has allowed me to understand how to tackle and answer questions, critically analyze content, and think of overall impact and big picture questions. [It has also] given me an opportunity to appreciate research in new areas which I have not explored before!"



Stonehill International School, Bangalore

Research Paper: The effects of  handedness in tennis matches

Mentor: Patrick Chao (Wharton PhD in Statistics)

"The Lumiere Research Scholar Program allowed me to connect two passions of mine – tennis and coding – to work on an amazing project! ... Not only did I get to learn so much about the research process from the team and my mentor Patrick, but also about the numerous machine learning skills."

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Laguna Hills High School, Laguna Hills 

Research Paper: Effect of employment rate of 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the United States on the GDP between 2015 - 2020

Mentor: Dhruva Bhat (Oxford PhD in International Development)


"The Lumiere Research Program was an enlightening educational experience. First I studied broadly about economic concepts and statistics, then focused in on specific areas of my interest involving nonprofit organizations, employment, and GDP. My mentor was instrumental in shaping my ability to critically read research papers, analyze data, and take my academic writing to the next level."