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Working at Lumiere

Lumiere Education is a rapidly growing edtech company focused on making Oxford-tutorial-like experiences possible for students around the world. The flagship Lumiere Research Scholar program allows students to work directly with a PhD student on the development of independent research, explore areas of interests beyond the classroom, and get a step ahead for college and grad school. Lumiere is committed to providing educational excellence and the company’s research mentors represent the very pinnacle of their field, including Rhodes Scholars, Stanford PhDs, and researchers whose work has been cited in publications like the Economist & BBC.

Lumiere’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement - Come As You Are

Learning begins with embracing diversity. Lumiere’s vision is to empower students to reach their full potential. We are committed to engaging with diverse disciplines, perspectives, and experiences. Our organization values your unique voice and everything that it brings to the table. So, come as you are. 

As a team of lifelong learners, inclusivity and equity are foundational to the way we educate, operate, and build partnerships with communities and institutions.

Our belief in inclusion does not stop at our team members. We are commited to making our programs accessible to low-income students globally. That's why we have launched a non-profit, the Lumiere Research Inclusion Foundation, that helps low-income students work for free on independent projects.

About the Founders

As part of the position, you’ll work with the founders. Stephen Turban is a McKinsey & Company alum, a Harvard College graduate, and a former PhD student at Harvard Business School. Dhruva Bhat is a graduate of Harvard College, a Rhodes Scholar, and a PhD student at Oxford University.

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