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8 Prestigious Economics Internships for High School Students in 2024

Securing an economics internship offers valuable real-world experience and practical application of classroom learning. By immersing oneself in economics, students gain insight into economic principles, data analysis, and decision-making processes within various industries. Additionally, internships foster crucial skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, all highly sought after by employers. 

Early exposure to professional environments in economics significantly enhances a student’s college application, demonstrating initiative, ambition, and a proactive approach to academic and career pursuits. Admissions committees value candidates who explore their field of interest beyond the classroom, indicating genuine passion and commitment. Internships provide concrete examples of applying theoretical knowledge in practical settings, showcasing readiness for higher education and future professional endeavors. 

In this blog, we have curated a list of 10 of the best economics internships for high school students in 2024. 

Location: Virtual

Cost: $1990. Financial aid is available.

Program Dates: 8-week programs with multiple cohorts throughout the year.

Application Deadline: Multiple deadlines throughout the year. The deadline for the upcoming Summer cohort is April 14, 2024.

Eligibility: Open to all high school students.

Ladder Internships, an exclusively virtual program founded by Harvard alumni, offers a selective opportunity for high school students to intern at startups and nonprofits worldwide, engaging in real-world projects. With a competitive application process yielding over 600 submissions, only 100 interns are chosen annually. 

Partnering with esteemed companies like JuneBrain, Billion Dollar Startup Idea, IPMD, Fair Opportunity Project, and Softenmind, among others, the program provides diverse internship opportunities for economics students in areas such as finance, business, marketing, growth, consulting, and nonprofits. Once selected and matched, interns collaborate with their company mentor and Ladder coach to develop projects and refine skills, culminating in a final presentation. Take a look at previous examples of projects here!

Location: Washington DC

Stipend: Hourly stipend provided

Program Dates: 8 weeks (June — August)

Application Deadline: Applications for the 2024 program are currently closed. The application process for the 2025 program will open in fall 2024.

Eligibility: Current high school juniors and seniors

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program presents an exceptional opportunity for students passionate about accounting to delve into various financial and accounting principles. From budgeting to financial analysis and planning, participants receive a well-rounded education by engaging in hands-on projects and refining their problem-solving and leadership skills.

What sets this program apart is its emphasis on community involvement and networking. Participants connect with professionals in the banking and financial industry, gaining valuable insights and forging connections. Moreover, access to guest lectures and workshops led by experienced professionals broadens their understanding of the financial sector, equipping them with a comprehensive skill set for future endeavors in accounting.

Location: You can intern at a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center or business office closest to where you are. Find a location near you.

Stipend: Students are paid $15.50 — $18 per hour (the exact amount varies by city).

Program Dates: June 17 — August 2, 2024 (7 weeks)

Application Deadline: Applications for 2024 are closed. Keep checking the program page for updates.

Eligibility: Current high school students aged 16–19 with U.S. work eligibility and permanent residence in a Northern California Kaiser Permanente designated service area. Students should be available to commute to the site and work full-time.

Kaiser Permanente, a global leader in healthcare and insurance, extends summer internship opportunities to high school students aiming to gain practical experience and industry insights, emphasizing professional growth. The program encompasses diverse tracks, including administration, business, accounting, sales and marketing, communications, and product development, among others, all relevant to the healthcare sector. 

Interns benefit from weekly workshops focusing on personal and professional skill development, alongside close collaboration with mentors, supervisors, and peers. Social events, work activities, and community service projects further immerse interns in the realities of the healthcare industry, offering a well-rounded learning experience. Explore various internship and career areas here.

Location: Chicago, IL

Stipend: Paid (amount not specified)

Program Dates: June-August (6 weeks)

Application Deadline: Applications will open in spring 2024.

Eligibility: High school sophomores or juniors residing in Chicago with a B or 3.0 average and family income below $80,000/year

Established in 1991, the Chicago Summer Business Institute is a respected program dedicated to providing paid internship opportunities to high school students, enriching their understanding and experience within the financial services sector. This comprehensive internship program offers a blend of practical experiences and classroom learning, comprising workshops, seminars, hands-on projects, discussions, career development skills, and networking events. 

Notable alumni have interned with esteemed organizations such as Siebert Brandford Shank and Co., CSBI, the City of Chicago Department of Finance, and Cabrera Capital Markets, propelling many towards further education in economics, business, and finance, including pursuing MBAs or college degrees. Emphasizing inclusivity, the program particularly caters to students from low-income backgrounds, providing equitable access to valuable opportunities for professional growth and development.

Location: New York City

Stipend: You get a paid four-year internship and a full-tuition scholarship

Program Dates: Throughout high school!

Application Deadline: Applications are currently closed. They are expected to open in January of 2025 based on the previous year’s schedules

Eligibility: High-achieving graduating seniors in New York City, who can balance their education with work

JP Morgan’s Smart Start program, also known as the Thomas G. Labrecque Smart Start Program, presents a compelling opportunity for graduating seniors aspiring to pursue careers in finance. This esteemed program offers a long-term internship coupled with a full four-year scholarship to an approved college or university. Participants engage in part-time work during the school year and transition to full-time roles during the summer, gaining valuable experience across various J.P. Morgan businesses or corporate functions. 

The internship provides a solid foundation for participants’ careers, offering opportunities to develop both technical and soft skills. With a unique rotational structure, interns gain comprehensive experience by transitioning to different departments each year. Notably, over 300 alumni of this program continue to contribute to the company’s success, highlighting its enduring impact on participants’ careers.

Location: New York City

Stipend: $25 an hour

Program Dates: 3 weeks in July

Application Deadline: Unspecified

Eligibility: Rising Junior or Senior in high school; Commitment to all dates and times of the internship; Live in commutable proximity to the KPMG local office and can participate in person during normal business hours

The KPMG U.S. Empower High School Experience is meticulously crafted to provide students with a comprehensive immersion into the realm of accounting and professional services. Participants delve into fundamental accounting principles, auditing procedures, tax concepts, and advisory services, moving beyond theoretical learning through interactive workshops and real-world case studies!

Encouraged to work collaboratively, students hone problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities, laying a robust foundation for future careers in finance and accounting. Noteworthy within this experience are the abundant networking and mentorship opportunities. Participants connect with KPMG professionals, gaining invaluable insights and guidance for informed career decisions. Additionally, access to guest lectures and workshops led by industry experts enriches students’ understanding, further nurturing their passion and proficiency in the field.

Location: Location varies with the internship position. See open positions here!

Cost/Stipend: Not specified

Program Dates: August-May (during the school year)Application Deadline: Applications open in early February. Deadlines vary for different positions.

Eligibility: High school students

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), affectionately known as PNNL, stands as one of the esteemed US Department of Energy national laboratories, overseen by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. Collaborating with local high school work-based learning (WBL) programs, PNNL offers a prestigious internship opportunity. Students participating in this program attend half-day school classes, dedicating up to 4 hours daily, five days a week, to work with the laboratory. 

During this internship, students partake in a range of educational and leadership development activities, including laboratory demonstrations, field trips, communications, and career awareness workshops. Pertinent career areas within economics include Finance and Business Services, Facilities and Operations, and Communications!

Location: Kansas City, MO / Columbus, OH

Stipend: $10 per hour + $1,250 scholarship per session!

Program Dates: Multiple (typically 2) sessions from June to August. Students can attend either or both.Application Deadline: The application for 2024 is closed. TBA for 2025.

Eligibility: High school juniors or seniors who reside in Kansas City or Columbus

The Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) collaborates with regional Midwest companies to provide internship opportunities for high school students, empowering them to make meaningful contributions within their communities. Selected interns benefit from hands-on experience and mentorship from industry professionals, acquiring entrepreneurial skills and forging lasting connections with peers. 

Students engage with professionals across diverse fields, spanning analytical finance, marketing, and engineering. Numerous alumni have shared success stories post-internship, with some pursuing higher education programs, others launching their ventures, participating in economic forums, and emerging as leaders in financial investment. You can find more details on alumni experiences in addition to more insight into the program here!

Location: Boston, MA

Cost/Stipend: Paid

Program Dates: 5 weeks from July — August

Application Deadline: The 2024 application is closed. TBA for 2025

Eligibility: High school students can apply!

The Fidelity Investments Asset Management High School Summer Internship offers a comprehensive exploration of accounting and finance, focusing on asset management. Participants gain practical experience in investment strategies, financial analysis, risk management, and portfolio management. By actively engaging in real-world projects and tasks, interns apply economic theories to practical situations, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential in the field of economics. Upon completion, participants gain a deeper understanding of asset management and receive a certificate attesting to their competence. 

Location: Seattle, WA

Stipend: Paid (amount not specified)

Program Dates: June-August for summer internships (length varies)

Application Deadline: Applications for the summer internship will open in May!

Eligibility: High school students (recent graduates included) who are at least 16 years old and have U.S. work authorization

The Port of Seattle internships provide high school students with the opportunity to collaborate with a respected public organization, engaging in real-world projects that directly impact the local economy and communities. Interns may work at locations including SEA airport or organizations along the Seattle waterfront. The program offers various career focus areas, including green jobs, community engagement, governance, maritime operations, and aviation operations. 

Throughout the internship, students develop skills crucial for corporate environments, such as process improvement, project management, communications, and networking. Mentorship meetings, facility tours, and workshops enrich the program, offering a well-rounded learning experience.

If you’re looking for an incubator program that helps you establish a developed startup in high school, consider the Young Founders Lab!

The Young Founders Lab is a real-world start-up boot camp founded and run by Harvard entrepreneurs. In this program, you will work towards building a revenue-generating start-up that addresses a real-world problem. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by established entrepreneurs and professionals from Google, Microsoft, and X.

You can access the application link here!

If you are looking to start your research journey with 1–1 mentorship from a top Ph.D. scholar in economics, check out the Lumiere Research Scholar Program, a selective online high school program for students founded by researchers at Harvard and Oxford. You can find the application form here.

Also check out the Lumiere Research Inclusion Foundation, a non-profit research program for talented, low-income students. Last year, we had 150 students on full need-based financial aid!

Trisha Malhotra, an Ashoka University alumna, has 5 years of experience being a freelance writer and currently writes for Lumiere Education. She is passionate about music, reading, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as well as a devoted cat parent.

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