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Investing in CounselMore as an Education Consultant? Here are 7 Things You Need to Know

In the competitive landscape of college admissions consulting, Independent Educational Consultants (IECs) continually seek ways to enhance their services and provide comprehensive support to students navigating the complex application process. As they embark on their journey or aim to expand their existing practice, tools like CounselMore offer indispensable resources tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging platforms like CounselMore, IECs gain access to a wealth of information essential for guiding students through every aspect of the college search and application journey.

At the outset of their IEC careers, professionals are tasked with establishing credibility and building a robust foundation for their practice. In this stage, having access to sophisticated tools can augment their capabilities and streamline their operations. Similarly, seasoned consultants looking to scale their business recognize the importance of efficiency and staying on top of the latest developments in higher education. In both scenarios, platforms like CounselMore emerge as valuable assets, empowering IECs with comprehensive college search capabilities and in-depth insights into the application process.

In this blog review, we’ll dive into the intricacies of CounselMore, exploring its features and functionalities that cater specifically to the needs of IECs. From its user-friendly interface to its wealth of data on colleges and application requirements, we uncover how this tool can revolutionize the way consultants approach college admissions counseling. 

What are the features of CounselMore?

CounselMore has a large scope of features; here, we’ll review the most relevant to the core process of admissions advising.

  1. College search tools offer access to over 3500 colleges, both within the USA and internationally, providing detailed information such as application requirements and prerequisite high school courses. Users can filter their search according to their preferences.

  2. Candidate Profile Shaping assists students in setting realistic goals and pinpointing areas of their profile that may need improvement. By offering a clear assessment of qualifications and potential acceptance, these tools create a roadmap for targeted enhancement.

  3. Admissions Insights furnish both students and counselors with invaluable data on acceptance rates, program strengths, and institutional preferences. By analyzing trends and outcomes, these insights enable informed decision-making, offering a comprehensive understanding of the application process.

  4. Step-by-Step Student Planning streamlines the preparation process, mirroring the structure of the Common Application layout. This familiarity helps students become comfortable with the CommonApp well in advance, allowing them to organize their academic and extracurricular activities in the same format as their official application. 

  5. Application tracking simplifies the journey by generating assignments for students’ next step in the process. This feature means that more focus can be placed on meeting requirements and creating strong application materials, rather than coordinating logistics.

How much does CounselMore cost?

Plans begin at $35/month for IECs with 5 students or fewer, but enhanced plans are available at higher fees. Professional Single-Counselor plans for individual IECs with bigger practices would pay $95 or $176/month depending on the scope of their business. Multi Counselor packages for larger firms or groups are available at $225/month or more. Details on pricing are available upon consultation with CounselMore.

7 reasons why you should invest in CounselMore as an educational consultant

Aside from the primary features of CounselMore, here are seven unique benefits of the platform that we recommend.

1. Detailed progress tracking

Navigating the intricate landscape of college applications involves managing numerous tasks and deadlines, a challenge compounded when working with multiple students simultaneously. CounselMore alleviates this burden by providing robust progress tracking features. By meticulously monitoring each milestone and assignment, counselors can ensure that every application is thoroughly completed and refined well before submission deadlines. What's more, CounselMore streamlines the process further by automatically generating additional tasks tailored to each student's progress, fostering accountability and efficiency throughout the application journey.

2. Essay prompt exporting

In the realm of admissions consulting, counselors are acutely aware of the sheer number of supplemental essay prompts required for each college application. CounselMore simplifies this process by maintaining an updated repository of each college's supplemental essay requirements. Additionally, the software seamlessly generates Google Docs for students, housing the prompts relevant to their selected colleges. This functionality not only saves time but also ensures students have easy access to all necessary essay prompts, facilitating smoother application preparation.

3. Linked email and messaging

Effective communication lies at the heart of successful college admissions counseling. CounselMore enhances client interaction by integrating linked email and messaging features. By keeping work and personal email separate, counselors can streamline communication with students and their families, ensuring that important messages and updates are delivered promptly and efficiently. This integrated approach fosters clearer communication channels, ultimately enhancing the overall counseling experience.

4. New counselor resources

For aspiring or transitioning Independent Educational Consultants (IECs), CounselMore offers invaluable resources to navigate the intricacies of the admissions advising process. Tailored training materials provide comprehensive guidance on utilizing CounselMore effectively, empowering new counselors to seamlessly integrate into the industry. Moreover, these resources are mapped to the program's features, offering a dual learning experience that encompasses both methodology and execution, thus accelerating the learning curve for new entrants.

5. Platform-linked admissions events

Staying informed about ongoing developments in the college admissions landscape is essential for effective counseling. CounselMore simplifies this by providing a dedicated calendar feature that tracks a myriad of college admissions events, from college fairs and scholarship announcements to decision release dates. Counselors can stay aware of crucial updates directly within the platform, ensuring they remain well-informed and equipped to guide their students effectively.

 6. Allows for low-key parent involvement

Parental involvement is integral to the college application process, but striking the right balance between engagement and autonomy can be challenging. CounselMore addresses this by enabling low-key parent involvement. Through the platform, parents can conveniently monitor their child's progress and ongoing work without the need for active participation or attending meetings. This fosters a collaborative environment while respecting both student autonomy and parental engagement preferences.

7. Offers networking opportunities with other IECs

The journey of college admissions counseling is enriched through collaboration and shared insights. CounselMore facilitates this by providing a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among its members. Through webinars, workshops, and networking sessions, counselors can connect with peers, share valuable insights on admissions trends, and glean from the experiences of others in the industry. This vibrant community fosters professional growth and enriches the counseling experience, ultimately benefiting both counselors and the students they serve.

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