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9 Business Articles for Students That You Should Be Reading as a High Schooler

If you are a high school student with a keen interest in business and related fields, reading business articles, magazines, and journals is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons and learn about the developments, trends, and innovations taking place in the field!

Staying updated with business and entrepreneurship news and research will aid your understanding of how business works and acquaint you with learnings that will aid your academic and professional development. 

In this blog, we have curated a list of magazines and journals you can consider adding to your reading list or subscribing to receive insights into your field of interest. Scroll down without any further ado to learn more!

Publisher: Harvard Business School Publishing

Themes: Leadership, Business, Strategy 

Cost: Subscription required for full access; some articles available for free

The Subscription plans are as follows: 

  • Digital- $12 per month/ $99 per year

  • Digital and Print: $12 per month or $120 per year

  • Premium: $18 per month or $180 per year 

Publication Schedule: published around 6 times a year, bi-monthly, with daily online articles 

Harvard Business Review is an esteemed journal known for its pioneering research, intriguing analysis, and insights from experts on everything related to business. The HBR covers a variety of topics that are accessible to readers of all ages and skill levels. 

The journal will critically engage you with the problem statements related to business and enable you to build an understanding of how businesses and cooperation work. The HBR will acquaint you with stories of budding and successful entrepreneurs and business owners from across the world, which could serve as inspiration if you aspire to take on leadership roles in business. 

Publisher: The Economist Group

Themes: Global Affairs, Business, Finance, Technology 

Cost: Limited free access, requires subscription for full access 

Publication Schedule: Weekly 

As a high school student, reading The Economist will give you an insight into a wide range of topics related to business. The publication delves into global economic and political affairs and provides an in-depth insight into the global business landscape. The journal will acquaint you with a deeper understanding of market dynamics, business strategies and business interactions with geopolitical affairs. 

If you find interest in the economics-related part of business, the Economist will have you covered with an extensive explanation of economic theories and their real-life applications. The publication also provides an in-depth analysis of governmental and corporate policies and their impact on businesses and markets, which will aid your understanding of how businesses operate in tandem with policy-making. 

Overall, the Economist offers a comprehensive set of articles that will engage you critically with the content and enable you to draw insights from current events in the economic market and the business world. 

Publisher: Forbes Media LLC 

Themes: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing, and Personal Finance

Cost: Some articles are free with subscription plans for print and premium access.

  • Monthly subscription:$6.99

  • Annual subscription: $49.99

Publication Schedule: 8 times a year

Forbes, a renowned business magazine, is a wonderland of information and insights if you are interested in entrepreneurship and personal finance! Forbes has a long tradition of covering successful businesses and entrepreneurs who are inspiring to read about. The publication will equip readers with practical knowledge about the entrepreneurial journey, from exploring innovative business models to understanding the challenges faced by founders. 

Forbes also focuses on several topics of interest to students, such as business strategy, investing, leadership, and marketing. With knowledge and guidance, the publication is a must-read if you wish to seek general knowledge on entrepreneurship as well as specific skills that are needed by an entrepreneur.

Publisher:  Bloomberg L.P. 

Themes: Global Business, Economics, Finance, Tech

Cost: Free online articles with paid subscription options 

The Subscription plans are as follows: 

  • Monthly plan: $34.99 

  • Annual plan: $199

Publication Schedule: Weekly print issue, daily online content

If you are passionate about finance or simply curious about markets, Bloomberg Businessweek would be a great addition to your reading list! The publication has an esteemed reputation in business journalism due to its comprehensive reporting, insightful opinions, and up-to-date news. 

As a high school student, the publication is a great way to keep up with the events and happenings of the business world. The publication covers topics related to the global landscape of business and the analysis of market trends from countries across the world with its weekly schedule. 

Publisher: Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

Themes: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Small Business

Cost: Subscription required for full access to some articles with free access

  • Monthly Subscription: $5 

  • Annual Subscription: $49

Publication Schedule: Monthly

If you're dreaming of launching your startup or simply curious about how entrepreneurship works, you should give the Entrepreneur a read! The publication provides a variety of resources, insight, and inspiration that enable you to learn about the dynamic business world.

The digital article library has a dedicated section for high schoolers, which features a range of topics related to college selection, entrepreneurial skill courses, and high school entrepreneurs’ success stories. 

By reading the magazine, you can cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and gain valuable skills and knowledge about business and entrepreneurship, which will give you a headstart in the field!

Publisher: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Themes: Business Education, Finance, Entrepreneurship

Cost: Free access for students

Publication Schedule: Multiple articles per month 

The Wharton Global Youth Business Journal is a free-of-cost collection of articles for high school students and educators to introduce high school students like you to the world of business and finance. These articles provide insight from Wharton's faculty and staff members and cover topics related to financial decision-making, business and ethics, student finance advice, the latest AI-business-related trends, and much more. 

The journal is extremely accessible as it includes links to a video glossary, where students can acquaint themselves with business and finance-related terms explained by Wharton’s faculty members, which will enable you to comprehend the terms mentioned in the article easily. Every article also includes conversation starters that enable you to think critically and engage with the content!

Publisher: MIT Sloan School of Management

Themes: Management, Strategy, Innovation

Cost: Subscription required for full access with some articles available for free access and print subscription required.

  • Digital Annual Subscription: $69 

  • Digital+ Print Subscription:$89

Publication Schedule: Quarterly

The MIT Sloan Management Review is a highly renowned academic journal published by the MIT Sloan School of Management. The journal emphasizes linking theory with practice in business research, providing real-world insights backed by literature. The articles written by leading professionals and industry insiders will aid your understanding of modern theories of management and how they relate to the challenges companies face in the present. 

The articles cover a broad range of topics, from business strategy and leadership skills to even organizational behavior, and additionally, they dip their fingers into creativity and technology management. 

Publisher: Fortune Media IP Limited

Themes: Business News, Finance, Leadership

Cost: Only limited free articles

  • Annual digital subscription: $7.95 per month for a year, then $18.95

  • Annual digital and print subscription: $10.95 per month for a year, then $21.95

Publication Schedule: Monthly+ with two bonus editions and a weekly newsletter 

If you are interested in commerce and the business industry, then you should add Fortune Magazine to your reading list. Fortune is an influential magazine in the business world that has been around for over a century and is considered one of the most prestigious and reliable when it comes to analyzing the different business strategies employed by companies and their leaders. What sets it apart from the lot is its detailed corporate profiles and interviews with top executives. 

These profiles will enable you to get behind-the-scenes insight into decision-making processes and organizational culture-building exercises, among others, that make companies credible and successful.

Even though Fortune is a highly reputed magazine, it is relatively accessible, which makes it a perfect source for you to utilize to acquire a well-rounded understanding of the business arena, develop analytical skills, and get guidance from top professionals.

Publisher: Oxford Scholastica Academy

Themes: Career Guidance, Entrepreneurship, Business Education 

Cost: Free of cost

Publication Schedule: Not mentioned 

The Oxford Scholastica, produced by the well-known Oxford Scholastica Academy, offers business blog articles that offer a unique perspective on the business world and potential career paths related to the field for aspiring young students like you

The blog focuses on educating students about business and career guidance. You will find insightful articles that will assist you in the right business program, university application process guidance, and insight on developing entrepreneurial skills. 

This is an extremely helpful resource to help you navigate critical decisions related to your academic and professional journey. Through interviews, case studies, and business analysis, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the roadblocks, trends, and space for innovation present in the business industry, which will aid you in choosing your career. 

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