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8 College Counseling Newsletters You Need to Subscribe To

College rankings, SAT rules, application trends: these are things that can change at any time. It’s important to stay up-to-date on news pertaining to higher-education to give you and your students the best chance at college admissions. A great way to get the most up-to-date information on college counseling and admissions is to subscribe to newsletters. These newsletters provide relevant information about admissions trends and valuable resources concerning college planning. Newsletters give quick and effective content to keep their readers up to date—many also come at no cost and can be subscribed to with little effort. Today, we’ve listed 8 reliable and informational college counseling newsletters worth subscribing to. 

1. The College Board Newsletter

The College Board Newsletter, belonging to the College Board, is probably the most reliable source for college news that you can find. Once you begin the sign up process, you can choose what information you’d like to receive; for example, you can sign up for topics such as the SAT, PSAT, scholarship programs, college and career advising, etc. This is an easy way to stay updated on any changes to standardized testing, gain access to College-Board recommended resources, and receive information on any topic you’d like. 

Register for the College Board Newsletter here.

Costs: None

Publication schedule: Once a month

2. The NACAC Bulletin

The National Association for College Admission Counseling provides an email newsletter called the Bulletin. By becoming a member of NACAC, you’ll receive the latest information and insights on the college admission counseling field. This is a great way to stay ahead of the latest topics and trends in the college admissions process. It also provides tips on recruiting events, professional development opportunities, and access to numerous resources. The NACAC is committed to serving professionals in college counseling, often hosting member-only conferences, networking opportunities, and community engagement events. 

Register for the NACAC Bulletin here

Costs: Membership categories and pricing can be found here

Publication schedule: Twice a month 

3. The Common Application Newsletter

This newsletter provides updates on any changes made to the Common App, as well as tips on essay writing and completing applications. The account allows you to look at different essay prompts, create a practice Common App account to familiarize yourself with the application, and virtually explore colleges around the world. The Common Application often gives various presentations, counselor workshops, and feedback sessions. The Common Application Newsletter also has a YouTube channel of video tutorials that walk students and counselors through the different sections of the application. 

Register for the Common Application Newsletter here

Cost: None

Publication schedule: Once a month

4. Inside Higher Ed Newsletter

Inside Higher Ed provides multiple newsletters. You can sign up for daily news updates on higher education news, admissions and enrollment news, diversity in higher education news, and student and career success. All the newsletters have a different publication schedule and you can sign up for multiple. This way, you’ll stay informed about all higher education news, including admission trends, policy changes, and discussions on the state of colleges and universities. 

Register for the Inside Higher Ed Newsletter here.  

Cost: None

Publication schedule: Varies depending on newsletter 

5. Princeton Review Counselor Newsletter

One of the most used sources for college prep, Princeton Review Newsletter brings you the latest updates on standardized testing and college admissions. Get expert advice on test preparation, college selection, and admission strategies while staying informed about upcoming events and webinars hosted by the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review Newsletter might include youtube videos providing advice on college admissions, a resource center with free resources and information, practice tests, information sessions for test prep, and more. At the bottom of each newsletter, the Princeton Review also includes a link to free online events about college admissions and planning that students can use. 

Register for the Princeton Review Counselor Newsletter here (blue button at the top of the page).

Cost: None

Publication schedule: Once a month

6. CollegeVine Newsletter

CollegeVine is another resource that students often turn to—this means it’ll be helpful for college counselors to tune into their news as well! CollegeVine is known for its blogs answering student questions about colleges and admissions. Their newsletter gives their subscribers access to valuable resources for college planning, including tips on essay writing, financial aid, interviews, and navigating the admissions process. 

Register for the CollegeVine Newsletter here

Cost: None

Publication schedule: Once a month

7. CollegeEssayGuy’s Newsletter

The CollegeEssayGuy is known for providing free resources, including practical guides on each type of college essay, video courses, and one on one support for students. Focused on guiding students through the essay writing process, the CollegeEssayGuy provides essay examples, essay tips, brainstorming exercises, weekly webinars, and more. For college counselors, the site offers opportunities to listen in on interviews with experts, take courses with other counselors, and other networking and professional development opportunities. 

Register for the CollegeEssayGuy’s Newsletter here.


Cost: None

Publication schedule: Variable

8. US News & World Report College Admissions Newsletter

The US News also has a specific “Extra Help: College Admissions” Newsletter. This newsletter is compiled by the dcucation reports and editors at the US News & World Report and consists of articles and advice for parents and families looking to help their children with college admissions. This lists the best resources one can use, the best events to attend, and other reviews and information helpful for one’s college journey.

Register for the US News & World Report College Admissions Newsletter here (choose the Extra Help: College Admissions Newsletter). 

Cost: None

Publication schedule: Semi-monthly

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Amelia is a current senior at Harvard College studying art history with a minor in economics. She’s enthusiastic about music, movies, and writing, and is excited to help Veritas AIs students as much as she can!

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