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10 Fall Internships for High School Students

As the fall semester approaches, high school students have a prime opportunity to make the most of it by considering taking up an internship. In this article, we'll introduce you to 10 fall internships for high school students. These internships not only provide valuable real-world experiences but also offer insights into potential careers in the subjects of your interest.

From finance to arts to science, there's a diverse range of opportunities for all students.

We'll also discuss how these internships can help you gain practical skills, build your resume, and get a head start on your future career path.

Founded by Harvard entrepreneurs, Ladder Internships is a program designed for high school students who have a strong interest in working for start-ups.

During the internship, you will actively help build a real-world project and conclude your internship by showcasing your work. Besides working closely with your startup supervisor, you will also benefit from the guidance of a Ladder Coach throughout the internship. The Ladder Coach serves as an additional mentor and a valuable resource, aiding you in navigating the startup landscape. Typically, the virtual internship spans a duration of 8 weeks.

Ladder Startups operate in various sectors, such as technology, machine learning, AI, finance, environmental science, sustainability, business, marketing, healthcare, medicine, media, journalism, fashion, and more. You can explore the full range of options available on their application form.

A few example projects are:

  • Building a machine learning model to predict customer churn for an e-commerce website

  • Creating a whitepaper for a mental health NGO

  • Doing competitor analysis for a health tech company

  • Creating manuals for a new patient monitoring system (this is a past project done by a Ladder Intern)

Cost: $1990 (Financial Aid Available)

Location: Remote

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): September 10, 2023

Program Dates (Fall 2023): 8 weeks,

Selectivity: Highly Selective (<10% acceptance rate)

Eligibility: Open to all high school students who can work for 10-20 hours/week, for 8-12 weeks

Treasury student internships, based in Washington, D.C., offer unpaid but highly enriching opportunities for high school students, granting you direct exposure to federal careers. While specific responsibilities vary by office placement, intern tasks may include data analysis, research, communication, government engagement, event coordination, and contributing to key management functions. These internships offer a glimpse into the workings of the Treasury Departmental Offices, the headquarters responsible for devising strategies in economics, finance, and national security, and the overall management of the Treasury Department.

These internships provide you with a platform to explore a variety of public sector career avenues, acquire practical career experience, build a robust professional network, and gain valuable insights into the daily operations of a high-level federal agency.

Stipend: Unpaid

Location: Washington, D.C. (Non-residential)

Application Deadline: Apply in June. All internship opportunities will be announced on

Program Dates (Fall 2023): September-December

Selectivity: Selective (cohort sizes depend on the specific opportunity)

Eligibility: Students must be U.S. citizens and enrolled or accepted at an accredited institution

The Dolphin Research Center’s Volunteer Resources Department hosts an Internship Program that provides an exciting opportunity for high school students to have a glimpse of the inner workings of a marine mammal facility at DRC. These internships are department-focused, typically spanning 16 to 18 weeks.

As an intern, you must dedicate 40 hours per week, typically spending four days within your designated department and one-day providing support in various facets of daily operations through the Volunteer Resources Pool. Additionally, you may take on supplemental projects based on DRC's needs and your own specific skills and interests, which may involve assisting your department and collaborating with other teams.

The Dolphin Research Center offers internships across several departments, including Animal Care and Training, Education, Information Technologies, the Medical Department, Research, and Visual Communications.

Stipend: Unpaid

Location: Dolphin Research Center, FL (Non-residential)

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): June 15, 2023

Program Dates (Fall 2023): September-December (duration is 16-18 weeks)

Selectivity: Selective (number of internship positions is very limited)

Eligibility: Open to all high school students who have English language proficiency and are physically fit (due to the nature of the work)

Textron Aviation is an aviation company catering to the aviation needs of government, military, and commercial clientele. While the company's core expertise lies in engineering and manufacturing, it offers a diverse set of internships for high school students. Apart from engineering and manufacturing internships, other openings include internships in fields like finance, sales, marketing, IT, flight operations, and human resources. The aim behind these internships is to offer young individuals a chance to explore potential careers within the aviation sector, exposing them to substantial, business-oriented tasks that bridge their foundational knowledge with their future career aspirations.

Stipend: Paid (amount not specified)

Location: Wichita, KS and Columbus, GA

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): TBD, see their website for openings

Program Dates (Fall 2023): Part-time work during the Fall Semester, between 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday

Selectivity: Selective (cohort size unspecified)

Eligibility: High school students between the ages of 16-19 who are U.S. citizens

The U.S. Senate Page Program offers a distinctive opportunity for high school juniors to engage in public service, interact with prominent national leaders, and directly observe Senate debates. As a page, you'll have a significant role in the Senate's daily operations, sharing responsibilities with other pages. These tasks involve delivering letters and legislative materials within the Capitol and Senate office buildings, setting up the Senate Chamber for sessions, assisting during roll call votes on the Senate floor, providing support to senators and staff during debates, and delivering bills and amendments to the Senate desk. This program provides a window into the legislative process and grants you firsthand insight into the inner workings of the nation's capital.

Check out our in-depth review of this program here!

Stipend: Pages are paid on an annual salary basis of $35,360.

Location: United States Senate, Washington, DC (Residential)

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): The application materials you need vary by senator and state, so you’ll need to contact your senator’s office if you’re interested in this kind of opportunity.

Program Dates (Fall 2023): Early September - Late January

Selectivity: Highly Selective (only 30-page positions exist each term - 15 male pages and 15 female pages)


  • High school juniors

  • Aged between 16-18 years

  • U.S. citizen with a valid social security number

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

The NYC Office of the Mayor provides internship opportunities to high school students interested in gaining insights into city government and policy. When you apply, you have the option to choose the department that aligns with your interests, and if selected, you'll work closely with that department throughout your internship.

During your internship, you may need to work with full-time staff on a range of projects. Among other responsibilities, these tasks will involve research, attending meetings, managing incoming inquiries, data analysis, drafting briefings, and assisting with event coordination. You'll also have the chance to get an inside look at City government operations through the bi-weekly Speaker Series where esteemed guest speakers like Deputy Mayors, Commissioners, Program Directors, and other senior staff, will share their professional insights.

Plus, you'll have the chance to collaborate with fellow interns to develop a service project with a shared objective: to create and implement a project that positively impacts deserving communities and uplifts New Yorkers in need.

Stipend: $15/hour

Location: New York City

Application Deadline (Fall/Spring 2023-24): August 11th, 2023

Program Dates (Fall/Spring 2023-24): October 2nd, 2023 - April 19th, 2024.

Selectivity: Selective, with an acceptance rate of <30% for Summer 2023

Eligibility: You must be a New York City Resident, enrolled in high school, 16 years old or older, and have current working papers at the time of application.

The internship opportunity with Congressman Scott Peters' office is designed for students interested in political science. As an intern, you'll take on a range of responsibilities, including everyday office tasks like handling phone calls, composing letters, and addressing constituent inquiries. You may also have the chance to assist with and make meaningful contributions to constituent casework and important District-based projects, which offer ample opportunities for community outreach and engagement.

This internship places a significant focus on engaging with the local community, offering multiple opportunities for you to connect with residents and acquire valuable insights into the workings of legislation. Within this program, you can sharpen your research, critical thinking, and communication skills, build professional relationships, and play an active role in improving the lives of San Diego's constituents, all while benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of Congressman Peters' dedicated team.

Stipend: $15/hour

Location: Congressman Scott Peters’ San Diego District Office

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): August 20

Program Dates (Fall 2023): 20 hours/week for 10-12 weeks during the Fall term, depending on the students’ availability

Selectivity: Highly selective, since this is a position also open to college and graduate students (cohort size is unspecified)

Eligibility: All high school seniors are eligible to apply

The Alley Pond Environmental Center’s Field Biology Internship (FBI) is meant for high school students who are interested in field research, urban biology, and the intricacies of local ecosystems and wildlife. This program offers a foundation in research and experiment design, vital skills that will prove invaluable in college, and even more so if you’re interested in becoming a researcher. As FBI interns, you'll explore a range of ecosystems within Alley Pond Park and other Queens, NYC areas, conducting tasks such as biodiversity surveys, bird observations, soil and water quality assessments, macroinvertebrate identification, coastal seining, and native flora planting. Throughout your internship, you'll gain practical experience, learn from environmental experts, and build a supportive community with fellow interns and mentors.

This program is ideal for students contemplating majors in sustainability, environmental science, natural sciences, biology, or related fields, offering a hands-on opportunity to study biodiversity, identify local wildlife, and engage with professionals in the field.

Cost: $150 program fee (financial aid is available upon request)

Location: Alley Pond Environmental Center, NY

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): September 1, 2023

Program Dates (Fall 2023): Saturdays, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm, with specific dates being:

  • September 30th,

  • October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th,

  • November 4th

Selectivity: Welcoming (cohort size unspecified)

Eligibility: All high school students aged 14 years and above

On the Money Magazine operates as an online publication headquartered in Chicago, with a focus on catering to the teenage demographic. Crafted ‘by teens and for teens', this platform is dedicated to elevating financial literacy and fostering entrepreneurship education among adolescents. Specifically, their fall internship program seeks to assemble a group of students with the goal of researching and crafting articles centered around finance and entrepreneurship. Notably, this publication collaborates closely with DePaul University's Writing Center, offering you an opportunity to apply economic and financial concepts in a compelling manner. It's important to mention that prospective applicants will be required to undergo an interview, either virtual or in-person, and are expected to submit a sample of their work prior to the interview process.

Cost/Stipend: Not specified

Location: Chicago (Hybrid)

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): Applications are due before September. See more details here.

Program Dates (Fall 2023): Part-time, September - December 2023

Selectivity: Selective (cohort size unspecified)

Eligibility: You must currently be in high school and a resident of the city of Chicago

DiverseWorks, a non-profit organization at the intersection of multiple art disciplines, offers internship opportunities ideal for students aspiring to careers as curators, artists, or arts administrators. Those selected will gain exposure to the workings of a non-profit arts entity by collaborating with staff on curatorial, marketing, development, and administrative projects. The work schedule typically spans two days a week, each day encompassing five hours, with occasional evening and weekend commitments to support events and activities.

As an intern, you will have a range of responsibilities, including artist research for upcoming events, assistance with promotional and marketing endeavors, updates to the membership database, general administrative tasks, aiding in gallery upkeep, and preparations for evening art performances, events, and exhibition openings. Additionally, you must also be part of a reading group with other interns, aimed at fostering mutual understanding and a deeper appreciation of contemporary art spaces and practices.

Stipend: Paid (amount unspecified)

Location: DiverseWorks Office, Houston, TX

Application Deadline (Fall 2023): August 28, 2023

Program Dates (Fall 2023): September - December

Selectivity: Highly selective (only 2-3 interns are engaged each semester, and preference is given to college students seeking academic credit)

Eligibility: All high school students

One other option - Lumiere Research Scholar Program

If you would like to conduct advanced research, you should also consider applying to the Lumiere Research Scholar Program, a selective online high school program for students founded with researchers at Harvard and Oxford. Last year, we had over 4000 students apply for 500 spots in the program! You can find the application form here.

Stephen is one of the founders of Lumiere and a Harvard College graduate. He founded Lumiere as a Ph.D. student at Harvard Business School. Lumiere is a selective research program where students work 1-1 with a research mentor to develop an independent research paper.

Image Source: Dolphin Research Center logo



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