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10 Remote Jobs for High School Students

Most students finish their education before looking for work but this isn’t the only available path to follow. It’s possible to work alongside your schoolwork and in fact, can even be beneficial. Remote working, of course, becomes the obvious choice since you get the flexibility of location and save time as well. In this article, we explore 10 remote job options tailored that high school students like you can pursue.

Why should you get a remote job while studying in high school?

Diving into work during your high school years isn't just about earning a paycheck. It's about unlocking benefits that will go on to shape your academic and personal growth. Beyond the obvious financial gains, a job can help you in the following ways:

  • You will get a taste of independence

  • You will gain practical, hands-on experience

  • You will learn skills that aren’t taught in school

  • You will be more prepared for life as a professional

  • You will enhance your resume/college application

So, whether you want to explore your interests, save for future endeavors, or simply experience a professional environment, a remote job can set you up for a rewarding journey.

Here are 10 lucrative ideas for remote working as a high school student:

1. Programming

Programming jobs involve writing, testing, and debugging code. The work itself can be in a number of different formats, even for beginner-level coders — websites, apps, data analysis tools. Coding is also used in other fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, and game development.

You can find such opportunities on freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr and some assignments can even be found on Craigslist. Another option is to reach out to local businesses and startups who might need your service. Of course, it would be ideal to have a basic understanding of a programming language like Python or Java before you apply.

How you will benefit:

Aside from leveling up your technical skills, programming can hone your problem-solving abilities. These skills will help you in competitions in the future as well. Additionally, any project you work on will have a tangible end result that can become a part of your portfolio. This is invaluable for college applications as you have evidence of your dedication to the field.

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design tasks include creating visual content such as logos, banners, and social media posts. Most brands depend on visual content for their marketing strategies and you can find gigs on platforms like Behance or 99designs. If you’re looking for an easier commitment, you can also design and sell merchandise on websites like CafePress or Redbubble which make the process of designing and selling quite easy. While this is a great option to earn some cash, it doesn’t offer the same learning you will get when working with a team or directly with clients.

How you will benefit:

This role enhances your creativity and attention to detail while also improving your familiarity with different softwares and platforms. If you are pursuing a fine arts degree, the projects you work on can be part of your portfolio which is a key part of college applications.

3. Social Media Management

Social media can seem like an everyday hobby but it can actually make a lucrative job opportunity. As a social media manager, you would be responsible for creating content, scheduling posts and engaging with followers. Everybody, from financial institutions to department stores and magazines, uses social media these days. This gives you the unique opportunity to find work in a field of your choice.

How you will benefit:

Through social media management, you will engage with various forms of media and several areas of marketing like graphic design, video editing, influencer marketing, and more. Apart from your digital marketing skills, your communication skills will also improve. In terms of your college applications, this kind of work can display your versatility, creativity, and long-term planning.

4. Blogging

Writing is a skill you will need throughout your academic career and blogging is a great way to sharpen it. You could take charge of a brand/company’s blog, come up with a blog and SEO strategy, list down topics and then write them on a regular basis. Or you could look for individual blog requirements on freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr or the ProBlogger Job Board. Running your own blog on platforms like Medium is also another option, but you’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort before you see the returns.

How you will benefit:

Writing long-form content will teach you to express your thoughts and research in an organized manner. The consistent practice will help you write well-crafted essays, statements of purpose, research papers, answer questions on a college application or gear up for competitions. It will also elevate your critical thinking, which is a skill that is absolutely essential for success as a college student.

5. Virtual Assistant

Being a VA is another job that allows you to choose a field based on your interest, from medicine to law. While a lot of your tasks may be administrative such as email management, scheduling and data entry, the primary benefit is being able to work with a professional in the field you are pursuing. You can find virtual assistant jobs on websites like or TaskRabbit.

How you will benefit:

This role will refine organizational skills, time management, and attention to detail in addition to the department-specific learning that you get from the person you are assisting. College admissions committees look for candidates who can balance multiple responsibilities effectively, making virtual assistant experience a valuable addition to a student's profile.

6. Tutoring

Tutoring involves helping younger students with their homework or training them in specific subjects. In the process of teaching, you will learn how to efficiently present complex ideas. As a high school student you can find tutoring opportunities through local community centers, online platforms, or most likely through networking with your friends and teachers.

How you will benefit:

Teaching other students can sharpen your understanding of subjects. It’s also useful in building leadership qualities as you will be coaching a younger student. Colleges appreciate applicants who contribute positively to their communities, making tutoring experience a compelling addition to your profile as it showcases your mentoring abilities.

7. Transcription/Translation

Transcription involves converting audio/video content into written text. You can explore platforms like Rev or TranscribeMe for freelance gigs. Another option is to approach a specific company in the field of your choice, as plenty of people require transcription services. For example, healthcare providers need it for patient interviews, legal firms could use it for legal proceedings, media companies for podcast/documentary transcripts, and more. If you’re proficient in multiple languages, you can also look for translation gigs.

How you will benefit:

This job enhances your language skills, attention to detail, and in some cases even your cultural understanding. Working with professionals from a specific field will also give you significant exposure to the career you would like to pursue. Taking up a job itself will show college administrators your drive and determination while the work can speak for your language proficiency and attention to detail.

8. Data Entry

Data entry tasks involve inputting, updating, or managing data in databases or spreadsheets. This is another remote job that can be found in various different professional industries, giving you the flexibility of choice. For beginner-level work, you can even sign up for it without any prior knowledge. Only more complex types of data entry and analysis will require you to know about certain softwares or programming. Platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Clickworker are known for offering freelance work based on data processing. If you’d like some help getting started, you can always consider doing a summer program in data science before you take up a job.

How you will benefit:

Attention to detail and accuracy are key skills in this role. You will also get familiar with the various software and tools required for data entry and analysis. This would be particularly useful if you plan to pursue degrees in computer science, data science, statistics, finance, economics and the like. It would exhibit hands-on experience in your profile and underscore your dedication to your career, which is always a plus sign for colleges.

9. Stock Photography/Videography

Creating and selling stock photos or videos online is a great option for creative students inclined towards the visual arts. Platforms such as Shutterstock provide an opportunity to showcase and monetize your work, while also helping you develop a keen eye for aesthetics. Such work involves not only capturing compelling images or videos but also understanding the market trends and preferences for stock content.

How you will benefit:

Any photographs of videos you capture will be a valuable addition to your portfolio, which is a must-have for art college applications. Through your work, you can showcase your unique perspective and visual storytelling abilities, and create a solid portfolio while applying to college. It can also highlight your understanding of industry trends and your ability to stand out from a crowd.

10. Research Assistant

Research assistant roles involve supporting professionals or academics in gathering, analyzing, and organizing data. This can be in a number of different fields like in STEM or the arts, like psychology, biology, medicine, economics, sociology and more. Students usually find such opportunities through school connections, local research institutions, or online job portals like ResearchGate. You can also consider looking for research fellowships, grants or summer programs offering a stipend.

How you will benefit:

Since research is a skill that is required for most career pathways, being a research assistant can definitely boost your college application. Apart from the significance of engaging in practical research, this kind of work will highlight your analytical abilities, problem-solving skills, writing skills, and passion for learning. This involvement is particularly beneficial for degrees in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, where hands-on research experience is highly valued.

If you are looking for a guided internship program with top companies from around the world, you may want to check out Ladder Internships!

Ladder Internship is a selective program equipping students with virtual internship experiences at startups and nonprofits around the world! The startups range across a variety of industries, and each student can select which field they would most love to deep dive into. This is also a great opportunity for students to explore areas they think they might be interested in, and better understand professional career opportunities in those areas. The startups are based all across the world, with the majority being in the United States, Asia and then Europe and the UK. 

The fields include technology, machine learning and AI, finance, environmental science and sustainability, business and marketing, healthcare and medicine, media and journalism and more. 

You can explore all the options here on their application form. As part of their internship, each student will work on a real-world project that is of genuine need to the startup they are working with, and present their work at the end of their internship. In addition to working closely with their manager from the startup, each intern will also work with a Ladder Coach throughout their internship - the Ladder Coach serves as a second mentor and a sounding board, guiding you through the internship and helping you navigate the startup environment. 

Interns are offered one-on-one training in communication, time management and other such valuable skills and will also have the opportunity to attend group training sessions with other interns in their cohort. The virtual internship is usually 8 weeks long.

Cost: $1490 (Financial Aid Available)

Location:  Remote! You can work from anywhere in the world.

Application deadline: April 16 and May 14

Program dates: 8 weeks, June to August

Eligibility: Students who can work for 10-20 hours/week, for 8-12 weeks. Open to high school students, undergraduates and gap year students!

One more option - Lumiere Research Scholar Program

If you’re looking for the opportunity to do in-depth research on various topics and enhance your profile while applying to college, you could also consider applying to one of the Lumiere Research Scholar Programs, selective online high school programs for students I founded with researchers at Harvard and Oxford. Last year, we had over 4000 students apply for 500 spots in the program! You can find the application form here.

Stephen is one of the founders of Lumiere and a Harvard College graduate. He founded Lumiere as a PhD student at Harvard Business School. Lumiere is a selective research program where students work 1-1 with a research mentor to develop an independent research paper.

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Exploring remote jobs can be a fantastic way for high school students to gain work experience and earn money from the comfort of their homes. Some great options include freelance writing, virtual tutoring, graphic design, data entry, and social media management. These roles often offer flexible hours that can fit around school commitments. To find these opportunities and prepare your applications, consider visiting which provides resume and job search services tailored to young job seekers. Starting early with remote work can build valuable skills and enhance your resume for future opportunities.

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