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Everything You Need to Know About the AXS Companion

Embarking on the independent educational consulting (IEC) journey can be exciting and challenging. As an IEC, you strive to provide the best guidance to your students, ensuring a smooth transition into their desired colleges. In this digital age, leveraging innovative toolkits becomes essential, and one such resource gaining attention is the AXS Companion. Tailored for IECs and students, this free online tool aims to simplify the Common Application process. Let's delve into a review why IECs should consider such toolkits, especially when initiating or expanding their consulting services.

An Overview of the AXS Companion

The AXS Companion stands out as a collaborative effort between the IECA and Oregon State University Ecampus, designed to aid students through the Common Application process. Its features include:

  • Explanatory videos.

  • Helpful tips.

  • A glossary of application terms.

  • Links to external resources are mentioned in the videos.

The toolkit is meant to be used alongside the Common App, providing a step-by-step guide for each application section.

How do I use it?

IECs and students are encouraged to have the AXS Companion open alongside the Common App, progressing through each step linearly. The resource is accessible without a login, making it a hassle-free companion during the application process. Users can navigate in any order, search for specific sections, and track their progress using the visual indicator at the top of each page.

What is the price point?

One of the standout features of the AXS Companion is its accessibility— it's completely free. In an industry where quality resources often come at a cost, the AXS Companion levels the playing field by providing a valuable toolkit without imposing any financial burden. This democratization of educational resources aligns with the collaborative efforts of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Oregon State University Ecampus.

Who is AXS Companion designed for?

The AXS Companion primarily targets students navigating the Common Application process and the Independent Educational Consultants (IECs) guiding them. Its design is rooted in the ethos of addressing the needs of students who may need access to professional college counseling services. However, it also serves as a beneficial tool for students well-served by counseling, offering additional support and guidance.

User Interface and Experience

The AXS Companion's user interface is designed for simplicity and clarity. Users are greeted with a clean layout, making navigation intuitive. The step-by-step approach and visual progress indicators ensure users can easily track their advancement through the Common App sections. The platform's compatibility with multiple devices, such as computers, tablets, and phones, enhances flexibility for students.

Additional Features of AXS

Vocabulary and Key Terms

The AXS Companion incorporates an in-line definition system for key terms throughout the resource, promoting a better understanding of the application process.


Tips and Reminders

Clear guidelines are provided, emphasizing the need for students to have access to a computer or cell phone. The resource encourages students to have both the AXS Companion and the Common App open simultaneously, streamlining the application process.

Track Your Progress

The visual representation of progress, represented by a pencil graphic at the top of each page, serves as a guide and motivator for students as they advance through the application journey.

Pros and Cons of the AXS Companion


1. Free Accessibility: The AXS Companion offers a wealth of guidance without any cost, making it an inclusive resource for all students, regardless of their financial background.

2. Comprehensive Support: The tool provides a step-by-step approach with explanatory videos, tips, and a glossary, ensuring a thorough understanding of the Common Application process for students and independent educational consultants.

3. User-Friendly Interface: The AXS Companion offers an intuitive and flexible user experience with a clean layout, visual progress indicators, and compatibility across various devices.

4. Collaborative Origin: The collaboration between the IECA and Oregon State University Ecampus reflects a synergy of professional expertise and academic resources, enhancing the toolkit's credibility and reliability.

5. Time Estimates: Including estimated completion times for each section assists students in planning their application journey, fostering better time management.


1. Dependence on the Internet: As an online resource, access to the AXS Companion requires a stable Internet connection, which could potentially pose challenges for students in areas with limited connectivity.

2. Limited Interactivity: While informative, the AXS Companion may need more interactive elements in some paid tools, potentially limiting engagement for students who benefit from more dynamic learning experiences.

3. Not a Substitute for Personalized Guidance: While comprehensive, the AXS Companion cannot replace the nuanced guidance provided by personal consultants, especially in addressing individualized concerns and aspirations.

4. Potential Information Overlap: Given the reliance on external resources, there might be instances where the information presented in the AXS Companion overlaps with content available directly through the Common App, potentially leading to redundancy.

5. Interface Consistency: While the user interface is generally user-friendly, consistent navigation may need improvement, especially for users transitioning between different devices during the application process.

Is it Worth it?

The AXS Companion proves to be a valuable ally for IECs and students navigating the Common App. Its collaborative origin, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive guidance make it a commendable resource, especially for those underserved by professional college counseling services. While it may lack some interactive features, the free access and wealth of information make it a worthy companion in the college application journey.

In the realm of independent educational consulting, embracing digital tools is paramount. The AXS Companion, born out of collaboration and a commitment to student success, emerges as a beneficial resource for IECs and students. As the educational landscape evolves, leveraging such toolkits ensures that IECs provide optimal student support, fostering success in the college application process.

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Tenzing Dolma is a Masters student specializing in research following the Nechung Oracle and the historical, religious, and cognitive approaches to its presence. She has a bachelors in Neuroscience from Loyola University Chicago and is currently completing her graduate studies at Columbia University. She hopes to help students find their passions through access to programs and organizations the same way she found hers!

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