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Why You Should Attend the IC3 Institute's Conference in 2024

A large part of being an effective independent education consultant or counselor is consistent professional development. As the times change, so do the education industry and its requirements for students. The Annual International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference & Expo is one of the most prestigious events in the field, which can help shape the future of your counseling practice. Hosted by the IC3 Institute, this conference offers opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow. Here is a deep dive into the conference’s structure and whether it’s the right choice for you.  


What is the IC3 Conference?

The International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference & Expo is a global platform that brings together professionals in the field of career and college counseling. The conference is an annual event and offers opportunities to learn new practices and connect with other professionals through keynote addresses, workshops, and planned networking events. It is aimed at educators, counselors, teachers, university leaders, admission representatives and education organizations.


Why should you attend?

Attending the IC3 institute’s conference has several benefits for counselors in particular. For one, it’s a great opportunity for professional development. Through the various learning sessions and workshops, you can stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field. The networking aspect is also a highlight. Connecting with professionals from across the country — even those other than counselors like educators, admissions representatives and more — will expose you to different perspectives and collaborative discussions. It could even lead to valuable long-term connections. Additionally, the presence of the IC3 scholarship makes the program more accessible than the other options out there.


Is it Prestigious?

Yes, the IC3 Conference is a highly prestigious event in the field. It gets its high standing from several aspects — the program’s global nature, association with respected institutes, and thought leadership from industry experts. The conference has gained recognition for its impact on education and its commitment to empowering schools, making it a lucrative opportunity for you to get more involved in the education industry.


Dates and Fees

Here are a few general details about the conference:

Dates: August 28, 2024 – August 29, 2024 (Pre-conference activities take place on August 26, 2024 and post-conference activities take place on August 30, 2024)

Location: Yashobhoomi (India International Convention & Expo Centre) in New Delhi, India

Registration Fees: Ranges from 50 USD to 950 USD, depending on the time of application and whether you are applying as a counselor, delegate or organization

Registration Deadline: 15 April 2024 for the early bird registration, regular registrations have no deadline


How is the Conference Structured?

As it addresses several different areas of interest, the IC3 conference usually has a comprehensive agenda with a diverse set of events. Each year focuses on a different subject and the theme for 2024 is ‘From Competition to Competence’. You can expect the events to look at topics such as the impact of counseling on learning outcomes, mindfulness in counseling, and empowering school-based counseling.

The program generally includes the following events:

  • Keynote addresses where industry experts provide valuable insights.

  • Breakout sessions and workshops that delve into specific areas of interest.

  • Global networking opportunities that offer access to extensive networking with educators, counselors, and leaders.

  • IC3 Expo, an exhibition that features exhibitors ranging from universities to educational service providers.

  • IC3 Presidential Forum, a pre-conference networking dinner accessible by invitation only.

  • Reception Series for informal networking and relationship building.

  • Student and parent fair(s) to connect students and parents with universities.

  • IC3 Awards where professionals from the field receive recognition for extraordinary achievements.


Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of how the IC3 annual conference can benefit you and what factors might be a hindrance.


  • Diverse Learning Opportunities: The conference offers over 40 learning sessions and workshops, providing a wide range of insights and strategies in career and college counseling. You will get access to a variety of resources, tools, and programs that can serve to enhance your counseling practice.

  • Global Networking: With over 2,000 educators expected from 75+ countries, the conference provides an excellent platform for global networking. By connecting with counselors and other professionals from across the world, you open yourself up to opportunities for collaboration, sharing experiences, and gaining a broader perspective.

  • 2024 Theme - "From Competition to Competence": The 2024 theme in particular explores critical issues in counseling like ethical considerations, the role of compassion, and more that can prove to be relevant to your practice.

  • IC3 Scholarship Program: The availability of scholarships makes professional development all the more accessible to counselors. This way, you get a waiver for the registration fee as well as access to pre-conference workshops.



  • Possible High Registration Fees: The registration fees for counselors can be relatively high, particularly if you miss out on the early bird discounts and scholarships (which may have limited availability).

  • Travel and Accommodation: The organization of travel and accommodation could take up a significant amount of time and money since the program does not offer such facilities. This could be a particular hindrance if you are traveling from outside India.


Should You Attend It?

While the IC3 Conference does have a few drawbacks, they are largely logistical. Overall, the potential value of the program’s various events and resources outweigh these costs. This is particularly because any learnings or connections gained from the conference will most likely lead to lasting benefits that enhance your practice in the long run. Ultimately, the IC3 Institute’s annual conference is a unique opportunity and worth attending. Whether you are a seasoned counselor or a first-time attendee, the conference promises valuable insights and opportunities that make it a must-attend event in the field.

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