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13 Business Programs for High School Students

If you’re in high school and are keen to get started on your business education, we have a list of strong, prestigious business programs you can consider.

With several options offered by renowned institutions, such as Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania and a combination of in-person and online programs, there’s a wide range of choices for students interested in business and entrepreneurship. These programs will give you access to college-level courses, a platform to network with peers, faculty, and industry experts, and unique experiences to build your confidence and skillset alike. The benefits of such programs don’t just add a strong component to your college applications and admission essays, but also to your resume!

Note: Please keep in mind the following information is for 2023, though dates tend to be similar from year to year.

Application deadline: Applications typically open in winter. There is no information available on the application deadline at the moment.

Eligibility: Rising high school seniors may apply.

Program dates: June 18 - June 30, 2023

Location: University Park campus, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Fee: Only a $50 registration fee is applicable if you are accepted.

Financial Assistance: Some scholarships may be offered to cover the registration fee.

This rigorous two-week program is an opportunity for students to take college prep and business fundamentals courses taught by Penn State faculty at the Smeal College of Business. The curriculum covers risk management, hospitality management, organizational management, and finance. These classes would be structured like typical college-level classes and would include lectures and seminars, independent study, and collaborative work. This program is also focused on fostering the spirit of teamwork and will encourage you to participate in several team-building activities. This is a residential program, and you will be housed in one of the university dorms. Since the program doesn’t require any tuition, the admissions are competitive.

The Young Founder’s Lab is a real-world start-up bootcamp founded and run by Harvard entrepreneurs. In this program, you will work towards building a revenue-generating start-up that addresses a real-world problem. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by established entrepreneurs and professionals from Google, Microsoft, and X.

Apart from building the start-up itself, you will also participate in interactive classes on business fundamentals and business ideations, workshops and skill-building sessions, case studies, panel discussions and more.

The program is an excellent opportunity to delve into the world of business in high school, and having a space to explore multiple theoretical as well as practical frameworks that lead to a successful business. You can check out the brochure for the program here.

Cost: The total cost to attend the 4-week program is $2900. There is need-based financial aid. 

Location: This program is 100% virtual, with live, interactive workshops 

Eligibility: The program is currently open to all high school students

Program Dates: The 2024 edition of the program starts on June 5th and spans over 4-weeks.

Application Deadline: There are 3 application deadlines that you can choose between: 

  • Early Decision Deadline: March 17th, 2024

  • Regular Admission Deadline 1: April 14, 2024

  • Regular Admission Deadline 2: May 12th, 2023

You can access the application link here!

Application deadline: January 23, 2023

Eligibility: Current rising high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 can apply.

Program dates: June 18 - 30, 2023

Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fee: $3,250 + $50 application fee

Financial Assistance: Full and partial need-based scholarships are offered.

One of the best universities in the country for business education, the University of Michigan offers this two-week residential pre-college program for rising seniors keen to dive into the field of business. The program only admits 60 students. In the program, you will work closely with local companies on real-world business challenges – ending with a solution pitch, gaining practical experience. The program’s curriculum, which includes college-level classes and workshops, is designed to cover various aspects of business, from marketing to finance. During the program, you will interact and work with Michigan Ross faculty, alumni, and current students. There are company treks and weekend team-building activities you will take part in. The objective of this program is to ensure you gain a deeper understanding of an academic and career future in business while learning in a collaborative and experiential environment.

We’ve covered this program in depth here.

Application deadline: There is no information on this at the moment. The deadline will be announced in the winter when applications open.

Eligibility: Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply, including international students.

Program dates: Commuter (July 9 - 14, 2023) | Residential (July 16 - July 21, 2023)

Location: Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Fee: Commuter Session: $950 | Residential Session: $2,000

Financial Assistance: There is a small number of alumni-sponsored need-based scholarships available.

A fairly popular business program for high schoolers, Camp Business is an intensive one-week residential program that can broaden your business understanding. This program offers the opportunity to experience collegiate-level business studies, where you will gain foundational business knowledge, and engage with business education as a student on campus. This program is structured such that it provides you with a comprehensive insight into both collegiate and corporate business realms. The curriculum covers pivotal business sectors, including accounting, marketing, finance, and management. During the program, you will also work on a team business pitch competition which is conducted at the end.

We’ve covered it, and a few other business programs at Drexel, in-depth here.

Application deadline: There are multiple subject and location-based programs offered under this program. Please look through the application information for the application dates of the program you wish to apply to.

Eligibility: The On-Campus and Location-based programs are open to students in grades 9-11, while the Online program is open to students in grades 9-12. The Pre-baccalaureate program is open to juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA.

Program dates: Each program has different dates, though all are conducted over the summer, with the exception of the Pre-baccalaureate program which has session options throughout the year.

Location: The On-Campus program is conducted at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. The Location-based program has two options – Wharton San Francisco campus and Cambridge University, UK. The Online and Pre-baccalaureate programs are entirely virtual.

Fee: Fees differ for each program, ranging from $329 to $9,099. You can check the fees for the program you wish to apply to here.

Financial Assistance: Full and partial need-based scholarships are offered.

This pre-college program is offered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, one of the country’s premier institutions. As we mentioned above, you can choose from several course options – and your choice would depend entirely on what you wish to gain from your summer program. The On-Campus, Location-based, and Online programs offer courses in a range of subjects – finance, management, entrepreneurship, data science, and product design. The Pre-baccalaureate program offers additional subjects that include economics, statistics, data science, public policy, and marketing. The key difference between the first set of programs and the Pre-baccalaureate program is that in the latter, you can earn college credit which can come in handy when you’re applying to college. Additionally, the Pre-baccalaureate program is relatively more competitive than the others. All four programs include a mix of live and independent coursework, engaging in real-world activities, and access to the university’s robust resources.

Application deadline: April 3, 2023

Eligibility: Students currently in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades may apply.

Program dates: June 11 - 14, 2023

Location: University of Houston, Houston, TX

Fee: Free. Full scholarships are provided to all participants.

Offered by the university’s C. T. Bauer College of Business, the Business Institutes focuses on different subjects every year, and in 2023, it’s Financial Empowerment. This fairly selective summer enrichment program is for students interested in financial planning, money management, budgeting, and goal setting. Each year, 40 students are selected for this fully-funded residential program, through a competitive admission process. The program, which will be taught by finance professors, finance students, and by professionals from the industry, can provide valuable insights into the world of finance. This would be considered significant as you venture into business education.

Ladder Internships is a selective program equipping students with virtual internship experiences at startups and nonprofits around the world! The startups range across a variety of industries, and each student can select which field they would most love to deep dive into. This is also a great opportunity for students to explore areas they think they might be interested in, and better understand professional career opportunities in those areas. The startups are based all across the world, with the majority being in the United States, Asia and then Europe and the UK. 

The fields include technology, machine learning and AI, finance, environmental science and sustainability, business and marketing, healthcare and medicine, media and journalism and more. 

You can explore all the options here on their application form. As part of their internship, each student will work on a real-world project that is of genuine need to the startup they are working with, and present their work at the end of their internship. In addition to working closely with their manager from the startup, each intern will also work with a Ladder Coach throughout their internship - the Ladder Coach serves as a second mentor and a sounding board, guiding you through the internship and helping you navigate the startup environment. 

Interns are offered one-on-one training in communication, time management and other such valuable skills and will also have the opportunity to attend group training sessions with other interns in their cohort. The virtual internship is usually 8 weeks long.

Cost: $1490 (Financial Aid Available)

Location:  Remote! You can work from anywhere in the world.

Application deadline: April 16 and May 14

Program dates: 8 weeks, June to August

Eligibility: Students who can work for 10-20 hours/week, for 8-12 weeks. Open to high school students, undergraduates and gap year students!

Application deadline: This information is not available at the moment.

Eligibility: Rising high school seniors can apply.

Program dates: July 2 - 21, 2023

Location: George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Fee: Free

Caminos al Futuro is a fully-funded pre-college summer program for rising seniors, offered by the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute at George Washington University. While the university doesn’t mention the total number of seats offered, the program is fairly selective. This 3-week intensive program explores the social, economic, and political transformations affecting the Hispanic/Latino community, through expert lectures that empower you to initiate community projects. You engage with university professors and leaders from various fields, learn about pressing contemporary issues, and work on creating your own project to bring change to your community. Candidates should have strong academics and a commitment to Hispanic/Latino community service and leadership.

Business and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School Students

Application deadline: March 17, 2023

Eligibility: Academically motivated, mature high school students may apply.

Program dates: July 9 - 22, 2023 (Session I) | July 22, 2023 - August 5, 2023 (Session II)

Location: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Fee: $80 application fee + $6,050 (for residents of California) | $7,050 (for those residing outside California). The fee covers tuition, materials, housing, campus fees, bank fees, credit card fees, third-party systems, and administrative fees.

This is a dynamic entrepreneurship program that empowers students to explore the world of entrepreneurship, innovation, and business leadership. Every year, 50 students are selected. In the program, you will learn through online classroom instruction, independent research, computer lab assignments, and team projects. The courses will be taught by Haas faculty, PhD candidates, and undergraduate students; guest lectures delivered by experts from the industry will provide real-world perspectives. During the program, you will work on and learn about teamwork and leadership, marketing, finance, accounting, game theory, management, corporate social responsibility, and also participate in a public speaking and presentation workshop.

Application deadline: February 15, 2023

Eligibility: All high school students may apply.

Program dates: June 18, 2023 - July 15, 2023 (In-person, Ann Arbor, Michigan) | June 25, 2023 - July 22, 2023 (In-person, North Carolina) | July 3, 2023 - Aug 4, 2023 (Online) | July 23, 2023 - Aug 5, 2023 (Innovation Program, In-person, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan | Research Triangle, North Carolina | Online

Fee: $9,450 (In-person) | $5,980 (Online & Innovation Program)

Financial Assistance: Some financial aid is available.

LaunchX, with a 10-20% admissions rate, immerses students in a comprehensive entrepreneurial journey, guided by experienced mentors and like-minded peers. The core objective is to empower you to create your own business, collaborating with fellow "Launchies" as co-founders. Engaging with LaunchX feels like a blend of an accelerator, a startup conference, and a summer internship. The program's efficacy is evident from self-reported statistics, with 70% of alumni actively involved in startups, and 15% of startups initiated during LaunchX still flourishing. Established in 2012 as the Launch Program, it became part of MIT's Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship in 2014. Now a private global education company, LaunchX offers three distinct summer entrepreneurship programs. It partners with companies like Connect Space, Human Element, Ecovia, and Genomenon, featuring sessions led by CEOs, entrepreneurs, attorneys, inventors, innovators, and professors. LaunchX, with its MIT association, garners inherent prestige and has earned recognition from Inc. Magazine, CNBC, and the QS Reimagine Education Awards, making it a global platform.

You can take a look at their comprehensive program guide here.

We have also gone into the details of these programs here.

Application deadline: There is no information available on this at the moment.

Eligibility: All high school students can apply, including international students.

Program dates: July 17, 2023 - August 11, 2023 (In-person) | June 19, 2023 to July 14, 2023 (Online)

Location: San Francisco | Online

Fee: $7,950 (In-person) | $5,950 (Online)

Financial Assistance: Need-based financial aid options are available.

Leangap is an immersive program designed to guide you through the journey of developing and launching a product. It's an experiential learning opportunity that offers a comprehensive glimpse into entrepreneurship. If you aspire to kickstart your own small business or are contemplating a career in business or venture capital, Leangap is a good option. It launched in 2015 as a 4-week Summer Program and has since evolved to offer both residential and virtual experiences, with 40 students in each cohort. Leangap's primary goal is to guide participants in launching a startup with a substantial impact within a single summer. This journey unfolds over four distinct phases: Validation (involves individual ideation, idea selection, and team formation to develop a compelling proof of concept), Creation (creating a minimum viable product (MVP) with mentorship and beta testing with real customers), Traction (register your company and demonstrate sales growth) and Pitching (you present your startup to a panel of investors, CEOs, and technologists).

Take a look at our detailed review of Leangap.

Application deadline: March 15, 2023

Eligibility: Rising high school juniors and seniors may apply.

Program dates: July 7 - 28, 2023

Location: Online

Fee: $5,995 + non-refundable $95 application fee

Financial Assistance: Limited need-based full and partial scholarships are offered.

Babson College offers this unique, intensive three-week summer program, designed for high school juniors and seniors interested in entrepreneurship. The program aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and equip students with problem-solving skills to address real-world challenges effectively. During the program, you will delve into the world of entrepreneurship and deepen your understanding of the United Nations' Global Goals. You will work both individually and collaboratively with peers from around the globe to develop essential competencies. One significant advantage of this program is the opportunity to earn college credits directly from Babson College, a highly regarded institution in business education. Graduates of this program have used their experience to create innovative solutions to various societal and environmental problems. While Summer Study has a moderately competitive application process, it primarily focuses on academic learning rather than immediate practical business application, making it suitable for those interested in foundational business and entrepreneurship concepts. In terms of its selectivity, the requirement of teacher recommendations and three essays in the application indicates that it is slightly selective.

Application deadline: September 17, 2023 (Fall 2023 session) | The dates for the Summer 2023 session are not available, since it has passed, and the dates for the Summer 2024 session will be announced soon.

Eligibility: Students aged 13-18 can apply.

Program dates: October 7, 2023 - December 16, 2023 (Fall 2023 session) | The dates for the Summer 2023 session are not available, since it has passed, and the dates for the Summer 2024 session will be announced soon.


Fee: $2,750 (Fall 2023 session) | $3,000 (Summer 2023 session, early bird tuition)

Financial Assistance: Scholarships are available for students whose families/households have a combined income of less than $100,000 USD. The scholarships cover 20%-80% of the program cost.

BETA Camp is a fairly selective online program offering education, mentorship, and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders. It caters to individuals who may have innovative ideas but lack the knowledge and support to kickstart their business ventures. Partnering with industry giants like Google, Walmart, and Goldman Sachs, BETA Camp provides you with a platform to learn from professionals, fellow entrepreneurs, and academic experts. The program employs a flexible online format, including self-paced modules, live meetings, and mentorship sessions with experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Over four weeks, you will cover essential startup components such as market research, prototype development, fundraising, and marketing. Through its digital cohorts, it offers accessible opportunities to learn, grow, and pursue entrepreneurial passions effectively.

We have covered this program here!

Here are a few bonus programs. Have a look, especially if you’re looking for a program in a specific location!

As a high school student interested in furthering your business education, you can also consider doing an internship designed to enhance your skills in business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We’ve listed 10 business internships that you can consider!

One other option – Lumiere Research Scholar Program

If you are passionate about research in business, entrepreneurship, and strategy, you could also consider applying to the Lumiere Research Scholar Program, a selective online high school program for students I founded with researchers at Harvard and Oxford. Last year, we had over 4000 students apply for 500 spots in the program! You can find the application form here.

Stephen is one of the founders of Lumiere and a Harvard College graduate. He founded Lumiere as a PhD student at Harvard Business School. Lumiere is a selective research program where students work 1-1 with a research mentor to develop an independent research paper.

Image Source: Drexel University logo

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